Natural Hair Wash Regimen

Natural Hair Wash Regimen

Here is a detailed account of my natural hair regimen. 

It is hair wash day and I want to tell you all what that day looks like for me. I’ve been wearing my hair in a wash and go style for the holidays but I cannot go another day with my hair out so let’s jump right into my hair wash process.
First I pre-poo. This pre shampooing method prepares the hair to soften the blow for the harsh sulfates. I use sulfate free shampoo so I don’t need to soften the blow but I have color treated hair so I use it to prevent my color from being stripped and adds extra moisture that is lost from the colored hair. Using the breakdown method introduced by India of mynaturalsistas, I part my hair in 4 sections and work one section at a time. I cover the section in a conditioner and an oil. I finger detangle gently and create 2 twists. Once I have done this with each of my four sections I will have 8 finger detangled twists ready for shampooing. 
Next I get in the shower to shampoo. I let water run over my hair for a few minutes then apply shampoo while my hair is still in the twists. I try using the pads of my fingers to massage my scalp but as a habit from my relaxed days, I still go to town with my nails and get those tough itching spots. Most of the time a few twists unravel. I just twists them back up and finish shampooing. 
Next I condition my hair. While in the shower I coat my hair in moisturizing conditioner. 
At the detangle stage I can detangle using 2 different methods. Since I have been wearing my hair out I want to detangle as much as possible. I would then detangle my hair in the shower using my deman brush. Had my hair been in a protective style I would detangle with the deman brush as I apply a deep conditioner on top of the regular conditioner. No matter which detangle method I use with both I break down those twist as I detangle. Those 8 twist then become 16. 
Deep Condition: After I apply the deep conditioner to my twist  I cover it with a plastic cap, 2 shower caps and my satin cap. I cover my hair with so many layers because I do not use any artificial heat during this step. I let my natural body heat do the work. If I want extra heat I would put on a beanie as well. I don’t have a set amount of time that I leave the conditioner on. I usually forget back it and go do something else…..cook dinner…wash clothes or search YouTube for a new hairstyle. 
Natural Hair Wash Regimen
Once I rinse the deep conditioner out its ready to Style
Preferred Style:
Flat twist out Tuck and Pin
Anything with a pompadour 
Preferred Products: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Shampoo Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
Make sure you go to my YouTube Channel to watch the video that goes along with this article!
What is your hair wash regimen?
– The Natural Travelista

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